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Global Business Management


Post Graduate Diploma


24 Weeks

About the Course

The Global Business Management diploma will cover core knowledge in International Business, which will position graduates in management positions across the world.

Upon graduation from this program, you'll have acquired the required knowledge that will position you for success in mid-level management roles and be transferable across different industries globally.

This program is not designated and ineligible to receive foreign nationals on a study permit.

Domestic Tuition


International Tuition


Start Date


Course List

Courses taught in this program:

  • International Business Law.

  • International Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Global Business Case Studies and Analysis

  • International Business Planning

  • International Marketing

  • International Sales and Negotiation

  • International Finance and Banking

  • Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development

  • Business Networking


Admission to courses differs per the status of the student.

Learn more about our admission requirements

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