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Professional Development





About the Course

Actively pursuing professional development ensures that knowledge and skills stay relevant and up to date. It also allows employees to be more aware of changing trends and directions in an industry. Our professional and vocational development programs are framed to help individuals or groups improve their employment competency and skills in thriving with the ongoing industrial and workplace disruptions.

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is a training program where an employer applies on behalf of their present or future employees for eligible training costs. Employers decide who gets training and what type of training may be needed for their employees. Funding is provided by the Government of Canada through the Workforce Development Agreement.


See the Canada-Alberta Job Grant Applicant Guide for more information:

Other Customized Training Programs are also available., contact us directly for more details at

Domestic Tuition


International Tuition


Start Date


Course List

Professional Development Classes at Capstone Edge College

  • Public Health Management

  • Applied Behavioural Analysis

  • Group Counselling Foundations

  • Family Systems Management

  • Youth at Risk

  • Indigenous Studies

  • Child and Adolescent Growth and Development

  • Addiction & Community Health

  • Public Health Management

  • MS Office Applications

  • Ethical Practice and Legislation for Health care providers

  • Interpersonal Communication in Workplace

  • Business Management

  • Professional Development Program

  • Public speaking

  • Leadership + Management

  • Stress management

  • Conflict management/resolution

  • Customer Service

  • Workplace Conduct

  • Introduction to Occupational Health

  • Rehabilitation Care

  • Personal support worker

  • Introduction to Project Management


Admission to courses differs per the status of the student.

Learn more about our admission requirements

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